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Tee It Forward

Tee It Forward

Last summer the United States Golf Association and the PGA of America teamed up for TEE IT FORWARD, an initiative to encourage golfers to play from the tees best suited to their abilities. The program was such an overwhelming success that the goal is to make it a year-round initiative.

TEE IT FORWARD has gained initial interest and approval from golfers. Player survey results from late 2011 indicate that more than 70 percent of those who “teed it forward” had more fun; more than 90 percent would encourage a friend to TEE IT FORWARD; and 52 percent would play more often knowing that they could TEE IT FORWARD. It is hoped that the reach of the program can be expanded so that “teeing it forward” becomes the norm rather than a novelty among golfers throughout the country.

TEE IT FORWARD was created to help golfers have more fun on the course and enhance their overall experience by playing from a set of tees best suited to their abilities. The program encourages all golfers to play the course at a length that is aligned with their average driving distance. Golfers can speed up play by utilizing tees that provide the greatest playability and enjoyment. 

Many amateurs are regularly hitting approach shots on a par-4 hole from 185 to 205 yards. The fact is, most bogey golfers only hit approach shots generally with any accuracy from within 170 yards.

When you TEE IT FORWARD, you have the potential to hit approach shots from 145 to 165 yards. You will be hitting more lofted irons that will help you play faster and have more fun! 
TEE IT FORWARD is not necessarily about creating a new set of tees – many facilities already have multiple tees in use every day. It is about changing the mindset of golfers in a positive way – encouraging people to consider setting aside playing from 6,500-6,700 yards and moving up to a length of 6,000-6,200 yards or moving from 6,000-6,200 yards to 5,700-5,800 yards.
The 6,700-yard course that many amateur golfers play today is proportionally equivalent to a PGA Tour player competing on a course measuring 8,100 yards – 700 yards (or more) longer than a typical PGA Tour layout. So the next time you play, consider the TEE IT FORWARD initiative. It can help players to maximize playability, establish a brisk pace of play and maintain the enjoyment of having a portable Handicap Index. 
The USGA Handicap Department has received a number of inquiries on the TEE IT FORWARD topic as it relates to the USGA Handicap System™. The USGA’s Eric Lahman, Manager for Course Rating & Handicapping, provides answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, which can be found on the USGA website (usga.org) under Handicapping – Our Experts Explain.
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