Texas League Play

Horseshoe Bay Resort
June 3-6


What is Texas League Play?

The TGA created Texas League Play in 2006 as a way for member clubs to engage in a fun and friendly competition against one another each spring. Teams compete in conferences made up of four different clubs in a home and away series with each club for a total of six regular season matches. The team with the best conference record then advances to compete against other conference winners from across the state for the overall title.

Who can play?

League Play is open to all clubs & courses (public and private) that are current members of the Texas Golf Association. It is open to male amateur golfers that are full dues paying members of the club. PGA Professionals which are employed by the club are also encouraged to participate. (Only one pro may play in any given match.)

When does the season begin and end?

Registration for the 2021 Season opens on January 5and closes on March 3. The Regular Season will begin on March 4 and all matches must be completed by May 9 at the latest.

What is the format?

A team match consist of 8 players from a team competing in (4) separate four-ball matches against the opposing club. Each four-ball match is worth a total of 3 points using a nassua scoring system. The team earning 6.5 or more points out of the 12 available, wins the overall team match. If a club pro does play, he must play in the #1 position in the match to ensure they play against the opposing team’s Pro or best amateur.

Are handicaps used?

Yes. The first four-ball match is played at scratch with no strokes given or received. All other matches use a players Low Handicap Index (LHI) and which is used to calculate a player’s Course Handicap. Players Low Handicap Index from the last 12 months is used for league play matches. League Play stopped using Current Handicap Indexes in 2013.

How are groups formed?

Clubs are encouraged to establish their own conference by contacting three other clubs they wish to compete against during the regular season. If all four clubs agree, a group entry form must be submitted to the TGA by the entry deadline. If a team wishes to play but does not have a group, the TGA will attempt to establish a conference with those teams where geographically desirable.

Where are conferences established?

In the past, conferences have been established in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio and West Texas, however conferences can be established anywhere as long as there are four TGA member clubs willing to participate with each other. Playoffs? Conference winners earn an invitation to participate in the League Play Finals which is a single elimination tournament. The playoffs take place at Horseshoe Bay Resort the weekend following Memorial Day. Eliminated teams receive discounted green fees throughout the weekend to make the trip to Horseshoe Bay a great golf trip regardless of the outcome.