Texas League Play

Horseshoe Bay Resort
June 3-6


Texas League Play was created in 2006 to provide an opportunity for TGA member facilities to play against each other in a team match play competition each spring. Regional conferences are formed all across the state and consist of four teams representing four different clubs from the area. A league play conference may be established anywhere in the state where there are four TGA member clubs who are interested in competing against each other in a six match regular season. Each team will host three matches, and will play an away match against each opponent at their course.
By utilizing the GHIN handicap system, the TGA can provide a fair competition that is enjoyable for a variety of ages and skill levels. League Play matches are a great opportunity for your club and members to participate in a fun and exciting team competition with other clubs in your area.
TGA Staff Contact: Tournament Manager – Andrea Daly

Club Eligibiity:

Open to all TGA member clubs who own/operate at least one 18 hole regulation length golf course. The club must have a current and valid USGA Course Rating/Slope issued by the TGA in the last 10 years.The club must follow all TGA membership policies and be in compliance with the USGA club license agreement. Each club must have a certified handicap chairman and have completed the required TGA or USGA handicap seminar training. To ensure your club has met all the necessary requirements, you may call the TGA Membership Services Department.

Entry Deadline:

March 3

Entry Fee:

$550 per team

Team Captain:

Each team is required to designate at least one team captain who will serve as the representative for the club in league matches with the TGA League Office and the other teams within the conference. It is strongly encouraged that each team also have an Assistant Captain to help throughout the season.

Team Size:

8 players (men only) per team. No limit to the size of players on a team roster

Conferences/Team Selection:

The TGA will permit teams to create their own conference if there is an agreement from all four clubs to participate against one another during the regular season. To establish a conference, a Registration form (click here) must be submitted identifying the teams wishing to form their own conference. If a team is not part of an established conference, the TGA will attempt to pair the team with others in the same region with other similar type clubs. However, there must be four teams to create a conference.

Season Start Date:

March 4 – May 9

Regular Season Schedule:

The regular season consist of six matches, which must be completed over 9weeks. All regular season matches (including any make ups or rain outs) must be complete by May 9th.
Each conference will set their own schedule by team captains & pros coordinating with the other teams. Once the final schedule is set, a conference representative will send the schedule to the TGA League Office for posting to the website.

Match Day & Starting Time:

All teams should indicate on their Team Registration if they wish to play on a Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. Each conference must establish the day of the week and a standard starting time for the matches to be played during the regular season.

Green Fees for Matches:

Teams within a conference must determine what (if any) the green fee amount will be for league play matches. It is strongly encouraged that if a green fee needs to be collected, that it is a predetermined league play rate that all clubs have agreed to. It is also important that team captains determine method of payment of the fee (reciprocal charge or cash) so players will know in advance what to expect at each facility.

Player Eligibility:

Open to male amateur golfers and club professionals who meet the following: Club Membership: Amateur golfers must be full dues paying golf members of the club as of March 3, 2021

Professional Staff:

A member of the clubs professional staff who is a full time member of the club is encouraged to participate


All players must have active GHIN #, and be listed on the clubs handicap roster.

Score History:

Amateur’s must have at least 20 scores in GHIN score history. Age: Must be at least 18 years of age as of the date the match is to be played.

Max Handicap:

The maximum allowable handicap is 18.4. Match Format: A team match consists of (4) four ball matches worth three points each, using a nassu point system. The team earning 6.5 or more points out of the possible 12 is the team match winner.


Two different sets of tees are used for a team match. The first two matches are played from the set of tees closest to a target yardage of 6,800 yards, while the remaining two matches should be played from the set of tees which is closest to 6,500 yards.


The league play matches will utilize 100% of a players LHI (Low Handicap Index) not their Current Handicap Index. Players in matches 2-4 will play off the player with the lowest course handicap within the group to determine the number of strokes for the match.

Conference Winners:

The team with the best overall record within the conference will advance to the League Play playoffs. See complete rules for tiebreakers.


Conference winners will compete in a single elimination bracket with other conference winners from across the state at Horseshoe Bay Resort.

Round 1: June 3
Quarterfinals: June 4
Semifinals: June 5
Finals: June 6