Texas Mid-Amateur

Oak Hills Country Club
October 2-4


Eligibility: Entries are open to male amateur golfers who reside in the state of Texas, age 25 or older as of the first round of tournament play, with a WHS Handicap Index of 8.4 or less. Please reference TGA Policies and Procedures for further details, including Terms of the Competition.

Provided players are otherwise eligible, exemptions are given to the following:

1) Last five (5) Texas Mid-Amateur Champions: Christoper Wheeler – 2019, Colby Harwell – 2018, 2017, Joshua Irving – 2016, Scott Abbott – 2015

2) Top 15 finishers (and ties) in the current year’s Texas Amateur: Trey Bosco (Ineligible), Caleb Hicks (Ineligible), Tommy Morrison (Ineligible), Jun Min (Jimmy) Lee (Ineligible), Jacob Sosa (Ineligible), Andres Acevedo (Ineligible), Reid Davenport (Ineligible), Austyn Reily (Ineligible), Stephen Campbell Jr. (Ineligible), Christopher Wheeler, Ryan O’Rear, Michael Heidelbaugh (Ineligible), Jack Randle (Ineligible), Tyler Uhlig (Ineligible), Mark Reppe (Ineligible)

3) Last five (5) Texas Amateur Champions: Trey Bosco – 2020 (Ineligible), Ryan Grider – 2019 (Ineligible), Mitchell Meissner – 2018 (Ineligible), Zander Lozano – 2017 (Ineligible), Frederick Wedel – 2016 (Ineligible)

4) Top 20 finishers in the previous year’s Texas Mid-Amateur: Christoper Wheeler, Colby Harwell, Jeff Howard, Marcus Jones, Brandon Immel, Rob Couture, Clay Hodge, Blake Trimble, Travis Woolf, Brad Manson, Alex Woodward, Jess Bonneau, Bryan Mitchell, Gant Bills, Tim Hamm, Scott Loving, Mike Louden, Clark Collier, Brad Gibson, Tyler Thomas

5) Low Mid-Master in previous year’s Texas Mid-Amateur: Marcus Jones

6) Current year Mid-Amateur Match Play Winner, Runner-up and Semifinalists: Aaron Hickman (Winner), Colby Harwell (Runner-up), Scott Maurer (Semifinalist), Tyler Terry (Semifinalist)

7) Three (3) Host Club exemptions:

8) Low Mid-Master in current year’s TGA Regional Mid-Amateurs: CANCELED

9) Top three (3) finishers and ties in current year’s Regional Mid-Amateurs, not already exempt, who finish within the top ten (10): CANCELED

10) Top two (2) finishers and ties in current year’s TGA Regional Amateurs, not already exempt, within the top ten (10) finishers:

11) Previous year’s Texas Senior Amateur Champion: Gary Durbin

12) Previous Year’s TGA North and South Region Player of the Year: Will Adams – North (Ineligible), Broc Haymon – South

13) Top five (5) players on the previous year’s TGA State Player of the Year Points list: Christoper Wheeler, Colby Harwell, Ryan Grider, Cole Hammer (Ineligible), Jace Moore

14) Top two (2) Mid-Amateur finishers in the current year’s West Texas Amateur within the top 15 finishers: Robert Johnson, Kevin Liberto

15) Current Year’s TGA Medalist North, TGA Medalist Hill Country and Medalist Golf Association (Houston) Player of the Year as of September 1st, not otherwise exempt:

16) Previous Year’s Senior Player of the Year: John Pierce

17) Previous Year’s U.S. Mid-Amateur Match Player qualifiers: Andrew Wyatt, Lane Branum, Blake Parks, Trevor Sauntry, Jonathan Schnitzer, John Hunter, Scott Kraul, Josh Ketter, Daniel Webb, Jace Moore, Hudson Hansard, Creighton Honeck, Scott Fawcett, Sean Heidrick, Paul McNamara, Colby Amparan, Zack Bellenger, Jason Schultz

18) Top 1500 in the R&A/USGA World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR) at time of entry:

The TGA reserves the right to select players to be in the field. Exempt players must complete registration for the event by the published exemption deadline or they will lose their spot in the field.

NOTE: All players who are not exempt under the categories listed above for the Texas Mid-Amateur must participate in an 18-hole individual stroke play sectional qualifier.