Texas Stableford Handicap

Riverhill Country Club
November 11-13


General Information

Date: November 11 – 13, 2022
Host Club: Riverhill Country Club
Address: 100 Riverhill Club Ln, Kerrville, TX 78028
Phone: (830) 896-1400
TGA Staff Contact: Tournament Director, Read Langhenry

Entry & Eligibility Information

Entries Open: September 14, 2022 @ 9:00 a.m.
Entries Close: November 2, 2022 @ 5:00 p.m.

Entry Fee: $700 per team

Eligibility: Entries are open to male amateur golfers who reside in the state of Texas age 21 or older as of the first round of tournament play, with a WHS Handicap Index of 20.0 or less. Please reference TGA Policies and Procedures for further details, including Policies and Procedures, and Terms of Competition.

Entry Procedure: The field will be established in the order in which entries are received. After the close of entries, teams that withdraw will be filled based on the wait list. For additional information regarding the wait list and when the number of applicants exceeds the field capacity, please refer to the TGA Policies and Procedures.

The TGA reserves the right to select players to be in the field.

Championship Information

Format/Field Size: The field will be limited to 56 teams. Play will be contested over 54 holes of modified Stableford scoring with 18 holes per day. Teams will be pre-flighted based on the two players’ combined LHI “Low Handicap Index.” Handicap indexes used for all championship rounds will come from each player’s LHI from January 1, 2022 (first day of World Handicap System) to November 2, 2021 (close of entries). Each player’s playing handicap will then be calculated after taking 90% of their Low Handicap Index. See the “Scoring” section below for more information on the calculation of Team Quota’s.

Tees/Yardages: There will be three separate tees used for the Championship. See below for handicap adjustment explanation. Players will be assigned to the corresponding tee/yardage based on their age as of the first round of the championship.

  • Players 54 years of age and younger will play approx. 6,400 – 6,500 yards (Open tees);
  • Players 55 to 64 years of age will play approx. 6,100 – 6,200 yards (Senior tees);
  • Players 65 years of age and older will play approx. 5,900 – 6,000 yards (Super Senior tees).

Note: Partners do not have to play from the same tee/yardage. Official yardage will be determined and announced at on-site registration. Players do not have the option of playing form a different tee/yardage.

Scoring: Total plus or fewest minus points for 54 holes will be used to determine final standings in each flight. The overall champions will be the team with the most points or fewest minus points, regardless of flight. Team Quotas are based on the Stableford system below:

Points: Double Bogey or higher = 0 points; Bogey = 1 point; Par = 2 points; Birdie = 4 points; Eagle = 6 points; Double Eagle = 8 points.

Day 1 team Quota = 72 points, less the sum of 90% of each players course handicap.

Day 2 & 3 Quotas = Prior day’s quota adjusted by 50% of the previous days excess or deficit.

Handicap Adjustments: Each team will have a pre-assigned quota based on the Stableford scoring system as shown above. The first round quota is 72 points, less 90% of the sum of each player’s course handicap. Example – Player A has a course handicap of 14 x .90 = 12.6/13. Player B has a course handicap or 10 x .90 = 9.
The combined team handicap index is 22 (13+9). The team quota is 72-22 = 50. The quota will be adjusted by 1/2 of the excess or deficit at the completion of each round for the next day’s quota. Example – If Player A and Player B recorded 46 points in Round 1, their new Team Quota for Round 2 will be 48 [(46-50)/2]. Since they failed to reach their quota, their new quota will be deducted from Round 1’s Quota.

Note: Exact course rating and yardages will be determined prior to the first tournament round. Course ratings listed above are for example purposes only. More information will be provided during on-site registration.

What’s Included: The entry fee includes greens, cart, and range fees for the practice round and all championship rounds. The entry fee also includes a championship gift and food/beverage after the completion of each round.

Practice Round Information: Each player is allowed on (1) complimentary practice round on Thursday, November 10 only. Players must contact the host club golf shop to schedule a practice round tee time.

Registration Information: There will be no Player Registration. All players will receive their tee gift at scoring following Round 1.

Starting Times/Pairings Information: Starting times/pairings for the first and second rounds will be made no later than Tuesday, November 7 online at www.txga.org. Final round starting times/pairings will be available in the evening preceding play (approximately one hour after the completion of play) online at www.txga.org. Final round starting times/pairings will be re-drawn based on total score following the previous rounds of play.

Policies & Procedures

To ensure that competitors have the best possible experience when competing in the championship, it is helpful to be knowledgeable of Texas Golf Association (TGA) Policies and Procedures, Terms of Competition and Local Rules (Hard Card), as established by the association. For more information, please click here. For information specific to the Terms of Competition applicable to this championship, please see below:

Caddies: Caddies are permitted during the championship. Players are responsible for supplying their own caddie for the competition. Caddies must abide by the host facility dress code.

TGA Cart Policy: Information regarding the use and availability of transportation varies between TGA Championships – refer to Tournament Information for the championship in question. Please be advised that in championships where carts are provided, players are encouraged to utilize motorized transportation. In doing so, carts will be limited to two (2) carts per group.

‘One-Seat’ Policy: The “one-seat” policy allows either the player or the player’s caddie to ride in or move a golf cart, but not at the same time. The player and the player’s caddie are not allowed to ride in the same or separate carts at the same time.

The player can ride in or move a golf cart with another player in it, so long as the player’s caddie is not riding in another cart at that time.

The player can ride in or move a golf cart with another player’s caddie in it, so long as the player whose caddie is in the cart is not riding in another cart at the same time. As a reminder, players are responsible for the actions of their caddie.

Continued intentional disregard for the policy may result in disqualification following adequate warnings:

  • First breach: Verbal reminder from the Committee
  • Second breach: Stern reminder from the Committee
  • Third breach: Possible disqualification from the Committee

TGA Medical Cart Request Policy

Spectators carts are prohibited. However, spectators in accordance of ADA compliance may request golf carts. Requests for golf carts must be supported by complete documentation, including the fully-completed Cart Request Form and the required accompanying medical documentation specified in that form for all first-time requests. Any medical cart request that is granted by the TGA will be good for that individual for the remainder of that calendar season. A request will not be deemed complete until all required information and documentation has been provided. For further information and details contact Director of Competitions – South Texas, John Cochran IV, [email protected].

Score Posting: At the conclusion of each round, each player’s score will be automatically posted as a “C” or Competition scores to the World Handicap System. Players are encouraged to pick up if their score will not count for the hole, however the player is still required to record the most likely score had the player completed the hole, which must not exceed Net Double Bogey. Please do not enter your own scores from the competitive rounds, as this will result in a double post.

Schedule of Events

All events will take place at Riverhill Country Club, unless otherwise noted. Championship schedule is subject to changes and additions.

Thursday, November 10
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM – Practice Rounds

Friday, November 11
7:00 AM – Practice Facilities Open
8:00 AM – Round 1 Begins (#1 & #10 tees)

Saturday, November 12
7:00 AM – Practice Facilities Open
8:00 AM – Round 2 Begins (#1 & #10 tees)

Sunday, November 13
7:00 AM – Practice Facilities Open
8:00 AM – Final Round Begins (#1 & #10 tees)
After Play – Awards Presentation