USGA Handicap Committee Guide

The USGA Handicap Committee Guide is designed as a complement to the Rules of Handicapping book. The guide is meant to assist the Handicap Committee in the practical application of the Rules of Handicapping, and provide guidance on how to carry out its responsibilities to ensure all players have an opportunity to play or compete on an equal and fair basis with fellow players.

A player must be affiliated with an authorized Golf Club in order to establish and maintain a Handicap Index. A Golf Club is an organization of individual members that operates under bylaws with Committees (required Handicap Committee) to supervise golf activities and maintain the integrity of the Rules of Handicapping. The club must be affiliated with an Allied Golf Association (AGA). The Texas Golf Association is one of 59 state & regional golf associations designated as a USGA-AGA.

The AGA is the body under which your Golf Club sits and should be consulted as needed for guidance.

To view the USGA Handicap Committee Guide (PDF), click here.

Please Note: This Committee Guide is expected to be revised frequently during the initial launch of the World Handicap System in the United States. Please routinely check for updates to ensure you are using the most recent version of the guide. This version was published in January 2021, with the next revision scheduled for Q2 of 2021.