WTGA History

1924 – 1953

From 1924 to 1929 the annual dues were $10 and only clubs with players in the tournament paid these. The tournament referred to is now called the State Amateur Championship. The entry fee was $3. The following explains significant details that happen in each year.


At the June 3 annual meeting, the association voted to accept the Spring Lake Cup, a gift from Mr. Henry Pratt Smith, as the Champion’s Trophy, with the condition that bylaws would be written for the association. Apparently the new bylaws provided that the State Champion serves as the Vice President for the following year and the President would be a member of the host club. The Spring Lake Cup is still awarded to our State Amateur Champion today.


The State Amateur was held at Brook Hollow C.C. and the board now consisted of 4 members, the President, Vice President (1924 State Champion), Secretary/Treasurer, and the Past President. The tournament cost was $1657.75. Brook Hollow donated $1280.75. At the annual meeting it was voted that the President could select her own Secretary/Treasurer.


The Constitution Bylaws were printed and distributed to all WTGA members. At the annual meeting the following rules of golf were voted upon and passed:

  • Out of Bounds would result in loss of distance only
  • Lost balls would be played the same as out of bounds
  • Stymies would not be played in the tournament
  • Unplayable lines-To be governed by USGA rule
  • 36 holes would be played in the following year instead of 18


There were a total of 25 clubs represented. The WTGA adopted the yardage system from the Women’s Southern Golf Association for computing par on each hole:

  • Up to 190 yardsPar 3
  • 191-350 yards-Par 4
  • 351- 500 yards-Par 5
  • Over 500 yards-Par 6


An Executive Committee decision was made that municipal course players could not be WTGA members, but could enter the tournament by special invitation to individuals only. A Handicap Committee was appointed to secure sufficient number of scores for each player within a six month period. Any player entering the tournament whose handicap had not been properly attested by the committee must play from scratch.


It was voted that 32 players were going to be in the Championship Flight instead of 16. The 16 that did not win would make up the First Flight. A handicap limit was set at 24.


From 1930 to 1935 the annual dues were $10-$20 depending on how many players from a club played in the Championship. A motion was made that all Municipal players who wish to enter the tournament shall form an association of all municipal clubs in each city and hold a city wide tournament, but no vote was recorded. The champion and runner up from each city are eligible to participate in the tournament upon payment by their respective association of a fee of $10 to the WTGA and no substitute of players will be eligible.


The Women’s PUBLINX was founded this year. This year another motion concerning Municipal players was carried-“Municipal players shall be eliminated from the annual tournament. A player must be a resident member of a Texas club and have lived here in the state six months to be eligible to enter the tournament”.


This year it was announced that the championship flight would consist of 32 players; first round losers would go to a championship consolation bracket. The handicap limit was raised from 24 to 30 because of new yardage.


The tournament was held at Galveston C.C. There were a total of 97 qualifiers. 24 clubs were represented in tournament.


Bylaw amendment was passed-President would select the Vice President for the ensuing year instead of the State Champion serving as Vice President.


At the April 22 meeting, Hilda Urbantke moved that a governing body of the Women’s Texas Golf Association be composed of six people called “Directors.” Each would represent different clubs. Three of them to be elected for three years and the other three to be elected for two years. The President and secretary would be selected from the governing body. Motion was carried. Babe Didrickson was given a “special” club membership by the Beaumont C.C. She went on to win the tournament.1936


From 1936 through 1952 annual dues were $10. The entry fee was $5. Once again Municipal players were discussed. It was decided the Board of Directors may invite two municipal club players from each state, to participate in the tournament. These two players were determined by a qualifying round or local tournament in each city or town. Also the winner and runner up of the Publinx will be invited to play in the tournament. The player was required to pay an entry fee of $5 and the city from which they came from was to pay $10.


The WTGA Secretary would clear handicaps working with individual club chairmen. Handicaps to be published the first of October each year.


Voted that the host club handicap committee would contact the handicap committees of all clubs who had players expecting to play in the tournament. Handicaps were based on the five scores nearest par shot during the past two years. Voted to have 9 Directors representing nine golf courses, each serving 3 years. Board of Directors will appoint 3 new directors each year to fill the vacancies created by expiration of terms.


This year there was 78 qualifiers and 21 clubs were represented. The tournament was held at Austin C.C.


The BOD voted that qualifying this year would be in twosomes instead of threesomes, beginning with handicaps 12-16; then 0-12; then followed by higher handicaps in order.


Tournament was held at Galveston C.C. 79 qualifiers attended. War was approaching.


All tournaments were suspended due to World War II. A resolution was passed “Whereas, our country is now in a state of war and it is considered to be to the best interest and is the first duty of the members of this association to devote all time to war efforts.”


Due to an increase in correspondence and plans to solicit more clubs, the position of Secretary-Treasurer was made a three year office to be known as Executive Secretary-Treasurer.


It was voted unanimously to play the ball as it lies. This year’s tournament had 108 qualifiers-6 flights, 16 players in each flight. A seventh flight had 12 players. Championship flight tee markers were moved back a few feet and so on each day after.


Once again municipal players were discussed and it was agreed that the Board would continue to invite two municipal club players from each city. These two players would be determined by a 36 hole qualifying round in each city or town, to be held no earlier than 6 weeks prior to the tournament. Still remains that the champion and runner up of the Publinx tournament will be invited to play in the tournament.


219 contestants were in the tournament and 10 + flights were created. Five Municipal courses were represented.


The WTGA Team Cup was purchased for $208.50. It was awarded for the lowest aggregate gross score made by any two players from the same club. The two players were awarded prizes and their club was given possession of the Team Cup for one year.


The USGA abolished the stymie rule. A petition was presented to the board, requesting that there only be 16 players in each and every flight. The board felt that the Championship flight should remain 32.