WTGA History

1953 – 1960

From 1953 to 1960 the annual dues were $10 and the entry fee was $10 as well. The tournament referred to is now called the State Amateur Championship. The following explains significant details that happen in each year.


The entry fee was raised from $5 to $10. $5 went to the host club and $5 went to the WTGA. The board contacted all senior players about maybe having a senior flight and the players preferred to compete in the flights where their qualifying scores placed them.


At the April 24 board meeting they voted that handicaps be limited to 20 or less. The WTGA had 80 tee markers made in the shape of TX. Half were green and the other half were white. The cost was $150. They also purchased 18 flags for the greens, which were white with green numbers. Pins and official buttons were made as well. They had 293 qualifiers play in this year’s tournament. They decided to do an analysis of handicaps from this year’s entries. It went as follows: 0-12: 83; 13-20: 116; 21-30: 94.


With the handicap lowered, the contestants dropped to 228 this year. A petition was passed around to allow Bermuda Shorts. At the March 14 annual meeting, Mrs. George Thompson announced that she would donate a trophy each year to the senior low net winner. Also it was voted that the WTGA would pay for engraving the winners’ names on the Spring Lake Cup and WTGA Team Cup.


It was voted that ties for the last qualifying place in the Championship Flight be played off immediately. Any player thus tied who does not answer when her name is called shall forfeit her right to play in the Championship Flight. The board received the “Bermuda Shorts Petition”. On the May 15th the board voted that Bermuda shorts, no shorter than two inches above the knee, would be allowed on the golf course. No slacks, pedal pushers, or halters allowed on the golf course. Babe Zaharias died of cancer, September 27, 1956 at the age of 42.


Mrs. Herschell Ezell, a polio victim, was allowed to play in the tournament using a special cart that was made. She later became a WTGA director. A Junior Medalist trophy was given to the WTGA from Nelle Moody. Also Sydney Hurst offered to donate a gold disk with the Texas Seal for the Junior Medalist. On May 22 the board voted to sponsor a four-ball tournament on the Sunday preceding the qualifying round. Players were to make their own foursome. Prizes were given by the WTGA for low gross and low net. The tournament was called “The Babe” and it was a memorial tournament for Babe Zaharias. All Contributions went to the American Cancer Society.


Civil rights came along this year. It was voted that “rain gear” (rain pants) would be accepted on the course. It was the first year of “The Babe” which raised $203 for the American Cancer Society. Bylaw amendment was passed “In case of ties, duplicate prizes will be awarded.”


Voted that board should be increased by three, one from East Texas, one from West Texas, and one from Central Texas. The total would now be 14 members. Handicap limit was dropped to 18 from 20, again to reduce the number of contestants. Membership Cards were sent as club dues were received. Decided to completely re-visit the Constitution, Bylaws, and Tournament Procedure.


First year that the official stationery with the WTGA logo appeared. It was used for the tournament invitation letter from the host club committee. The first file cabinet for the Executive Secretary-Treasurer was bought for $50.