WTGA History

1961 – 1973

The following explains significant details that happen in each year. The tournament referred to is now called the State Amateur Championship.


Entry Fee increased to $15, which included club storage and shoe care. 50 clubs were represented and 256 played in the qualifying round. At the May 2 Annual meeting, it was announced that seniors would be able to ride in carts.


Handicap limit was reduced to 15 because only 176 players could be accommodated at Colonial C.C. During qualifying day anyone who wished could ride a cart and during match play all flights except the championship flight could use carts. WTGA scorecards were used. This was the first tournament held in the Fall due to flood conditions. It was originally scheduled for the Spring.


It was voted that the fiscal year should end at the conclusion of the tournament. Handicap limit was moved back to 18. Entrants had to have registered by noon on Saturday preceding the qualifying round, or have telephoned or telegraphed their intention of appearing by that time. If not their place would be given to standby. Boxes were made for the Team Cup and Junior Medalist trophy.


Voted that members of the board wear white, silk blazers. The blazers would be purchased by the director and state emblems purchased by the WTGA.


Entry Fee increased to $20. Bylaw amendment-“members of clubs holding special or complimentary memberships are not eligible to enter the tournament; however, the Board of Directors of the WTGA may issue them special invitations to participate.” Men were allowed to play in “The Babe”. On March 18 the board meeting released the following statement, “Skirts, Bermuda shorts, tucked-in shirts or over-blouses and rain gear are approved.” “Slacks, peddle pushers, knee length pants, culottes, short shorts (shorter than 2 inches above the knees), and flying shirt tails are NOT approved.” Infraction of this rule will mean disqualification by the Board.


Voted that the tournament will be held in the Fall, preferably in the last week of September, with the specific date to be decided by the host club and approved by the WTGA board. It was passed that the new field limit would be 144 starting next year.


All members of the board were permitted to play in the tournament regardless of their handicap. The handicap limit was raised back up to 18. Voted that members of the host club with handicaps higher than the limit set by the board for the tournament be permitted to play if the field had not been filled by the closing hour.


The first year directors’ names and addresses appeared on official WTGA stationery. Decided that failure to notify the host club of withdrawal from the tournament before noon on the Monday prior to qualifying, the contestant would forfeit her entry fee. Handicap limit was raised to 20. It was proposed that a dinner party should be given while all contestants are still at the tournament. In order to alleviate the financial burden of the host club, the WTGA assumed the expense for posters (printing and postage) and the postage for invitations to the tournament.


The Vietnam Crisis had begun. The Board voted unanimously to eliminate military clubs from the WTGA and to accept semi-private owned clubs with organized women’s golf associations. Directors were assigned to receive and check qualifying scorecards, making note of the time the card was returned before turning over to the scoreboard committee. Ties were broken by “luck of the draw”. The WTGA made a $200 donation to the Trans-Mississippi Tournament (later called Trans-National).


Entries closed 21 days prior to qualifying day. Because of the hurricane, 21 contestants withdrew from the tournament before the final day. The Board voted that the WTGA would pay for the individual pictures of board members and have the pictures made at the Spring meeting. The board voted that it would no longer be traditional for the Presidents to give personal gifts to the board members. They also voted to continue to donate the proceeds of “The Babe Zaharias Tournament” to the American Cancer Society. This year $445 went towards it.


Entry fee increased to $25. The Board voted that only one dinner be held at the tournament and it would be Tuesday night. Board voted to dispense with wearing the official WTGA jackets to the Tuesday dinner.


Voted that a President shall not serve two terms. Handicaps on entry cards would have to be attested by their pros. Mrs. J.L. Arrington was named an honorary Board Member, serving as Historian.


Voted that all contestants will abide by the dress code for the host club. This code will be published in the invitation, which was mailed to each contestant by the host club. The penalty for failure to adhere to the above dress code will be disqualification. Two new permanent trophies were donated; The Championship Medalist Trophy-donated by Frances Carlidge and Bertha Bowen and the Senior Medalist trophy-donated by Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Muse. A canvas banner was purchased for $78.75 which said “WELCOME W.T.G.A.”