WTGA History

1999 – 2006

The following explains significant details that happen in each year.


Voted to have a “Directors and Officers Policy” that would protect the volunteer members of the WTGA (including the Senior and Partnership Committee members) from personal liability for anything that may go wrong. That was the first policy that was bought.


The State Amateur was played at the Trophy Club in Trophy Club, Texas. Mina Hardin (Fort Worth) won the State Amateur for the fourth time. She would also win in 2006.


The State Amateur was played out in Midland, Texas at the Midland Country Club. Denise Flores (Odessa) won the championship.


Julie Hoopingarner (President), Linda Thrash (2003 President) and Sylvia Wailes (Director) began Project Youngblood. The intended goal of Project Youngblood was to increase the number of junior golfers and collegiate players that compete in the Women’s Texas State Amateur Championship. Project Youngblood has recruited many talented, young players living in the Lone Star State to play in the state championship including 2002 Champion Stephanie Godare of Houston. Godare, a Texas Christian University women’s golf team member, defeated Texas Tech player, Jacki Ey of Round Rock to earn the title. Also the WTGA decided to embrace technology and this was the beginning of the website.


WTGA printing was bundled for the first time. Up until now, the WTGA was using vendors that were in the same city as the Director whose responsibility it was for that job (invitations, stationery, etc.). The WTGA decided they would partner with the TGA in Membership and eventually Course Rating. All Course Rating fees were to be collected before the courses were rated by the WTGA. Prior to this partnering, a course could request a rating for the Men only and the WTGA would never know of the request, causing a loss of funds.


This year the WTGA and the TGA started to work very closely together to coordinate course rating and the billing for membership. WTGA doubled their membership under this program, providing a better financial situation.


Alli Jarrett (USGA Regional Director) and Sis Singletary (Past President) won the Partnership Tournament and wanted to buy a traveling trophy for it. In 2006 they were able to present the trophy to Becky Spears, who in 1998 came up with the Partnership tournament. The trophy was named after Becky Spears and she is still on the Partnership Committee to date. The WTGA ended up paying for it. In April, 2005, President Carol DiNunzio appointed a Strategic Planning Committee to study the strengths, weaknesses and future growth of the WTGA. The State Board embraced the suggested changes and began writing a business plan, which outlined exciting new goals. The original committee included Carol DiNunzio, Suzan Knox, Colleen Feighner, Alli Jarrett, Pam Murray, Trina Albright, Dianne Overstreet, Becky Spears, Sis Singletary, and P.J. Wright. John Sackett donated his expertise as facilitator. The 2005 Texas Women’s State Team won the Bronze at the USGA State Team Championships at Berkley Hall in South Carolina. The team consisted of Mina Hardin, Carolyn Creekmore, Toni Wiesner and the Team Captain was Trina Albright.


The Strategic Planning Committee continued to work together in setting up plans for the future-they had big ideas. It was voted to add the Four-Ball Championship. The tournament Committee chairs were Sis Singletary (2004 President) and Linda Sackett (Past Director). A new program, Golf For Grads, was promoted in hopes to bring college students to the game, as well as set up a networking system for recent graduates. New organizational chart with committees structured and it was decided to form a new State Amateur Committee.