Bond and Bing Capture 2104 TGA Stableford Handicap

Kerrville – Michael Bond of Houston and Mark Bing of Spring
stole the show by coming from behind and winning the Nelson Flight along with
the overall in the 2014 TGA Stableford Championship. 

 “I had the best round of my golfing career today,”
Said Bond, after scoring 36 out of the team’s 69 total points. Bing would
contribute 4 birdies and 8 pars, ultimately scoring +8.5 over quota. 36 Holes
leaders, Alan Culberson and Jerry Weathersby stayed consistent and scored-.5
points under their quota to take second in the Nelson Flight.

 Gary Cochrane and Harold Danford, both members at Riverhill
Country Club, won the Hogan Flight +1.75 over their quota after 54 holes of
play.  Cochrane pared 12 holes in
Sunday’s final round, and only score two bogeys through all 18. Michael Pierce
and David Jasper, both of Houston, trailered Conchrane and Danford only by .75
points after the final round and would lock up second place. Jesse Pierce and
Robert Cheaney rounded out the top three of the Hogan Flight scoring a
tournament total of -2.25 points under their quota.

 Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Beeler would put together two solid
18 hole totals giving them +3.5 over their team quota. Beeler scored 7 pars as
Johnson scored 4 pars and 2 birdies to put them at the top of the Crenshaw
Flight. Williamson and Johnson would make a charge at the top spot, but left
short-handed after scoring -.75 points under their quota, giving them second

 In the Kite Flight, the team of Bobby Tutor and Wayne Bryant
would string together a combined total of 9 pars.  Bryant went on to birdie 3 holes to put them
out of reach, as they scored +1.75 points over their team quota. The team of
Jacobs and Seerden put together their best round of play as they went +10 on
the day, scoring even on their quota for the tournament, solidifying the
runner-up position in the Kite Flight.

 The players were treated a wonderful week of weather and
great golf course conditions at this year’s TGA Stableford Championship.  The TGA would like to thank Riverhill Country
Club and their members for their generous hospitality and superb golf
atmosphere. The TGA looks forward to next year’s championship at Riverhill as
we celebrate 40 years of the TGA Stableford Handicap.