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We love the game of golf, and we want to see it flourish in our great state!

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Stacy Dennis
Executive Director
TGA since 2015
From Huntsville, TX
Email: sdennis@txga.org

David Bergeron
Managing Director, Membership
TGA since 2019
From The Woodlands, TX
Email: dbergeron@txga.org

Randy Guillot
Managing Director, Finance
TGA since 2012
From Texarkana, TX
Email: rguillot@txga.org


John Cochran IV
Director of Competitions, South Texas
TGA since 2010
From Huntsville, TX
Email: jcochran@txga.org

Kellen Kubasak
Director of Competitions, North Texas
TGA/LJT since 2011
From San Antonio, TX
Email: kkubasak@txga.org

Kevin Porter
Tournament Director
TGA/LJT since 2014
From Arlington, TX
Email: kporter@tljt.org

Ian Davis
Tournament Director
TGA since 2015
From Wildwood, MO
Email: idavis@txga.org

Christopher Untiedt
Tournament Director
TGA since 2014
From North Mankato, MN
Email: chris@txga.org

Alex Michalak
Tournament Coordinator
TGA since 2020
From Lockport, IL
Email: amichalak@txga.org

Adam Schulte
Tournament Coordinator
TGA since 2018
From Lake Zurich, IL
Email: aschulte@txga.org

Justin Guthrie
Tournament Manager, South Texas
TGA since 2017
From Chicago, IL
Email: jguthrie@txga.org

David Kissane
Tournament Coordinator
TGA since 2020
From Acton, MA
Email: dkissane@txga.org

Amy Worthington
Women’s Tournament Director
TGA since 2019
From Logansport, IN
Email: aworthington@txga.org

Andrea Daly
Tournament Manager
TGA since 2019
From New Castle, DE
Email: adaly@txga.org

Luke Hendry
Championship Communications Coordinator
TGA since 2019
From San Antonio, TX
Email: lhendry@txga.org

Club Services

Mary Harrison
Senior Director, Handicapping & Membership
TGA since 2001
From Kewanee, IL
Email: mary@txga.org

Matthew Dribnak
Business Development Manager
TGA since 2019
From Jupiter, FL
Email: mdribnak@txga.org

Dayna McMellon
Director, Office Administration
TGA since 2018
From Garland, TX
Email: dmcmellon@txga.org

Geoff Greenwood
Technical Services Manager
TGA since 2019
From Chicago, IL
Email: ggreenwood@txga.org

Zach Madison
Course Rating Manager
TGA since 2019
From Van Alstyne, TX
Email: zmadison@txga.org

Kristen Klein
Membership Services Administrator
TGA since 2019
From McKinney, TX
Email: golf@txga.org


Kelly Kilgo
Managing Director of TGA Foundation
Director of Outreach
TGA/WTGA since 2006
From Athens, GA
Email: kkilgo@txga.org

Victoria Uresti
Manager, TGA Foundation Programs
TGA since 2018
From Frisco, TX
Email: vuresti@txga.org


Mark Button
Senior Director of Communications
TGA since 2014
From Lawrence, KS
Email: mbutton@txga.org

Jim Spagnolo
Communications Manager
TGA since 2003
From Selinsgrove, PA
Email: jspagonolo@txga.org

Jennifer Settles
Marketing Manager
TGA since 2015
From Dallas, TX
Email: jsettles@txga.org

Yva Barbour
Graphic Designer
TGA since 2018
From Kingsville, TX
Email: ybarbour@txga.org

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