Volunteer Policies & Procedures

As a championship volunteer, you are expected to be a good team member by doing your assigned job, helping your peers when you can and leaving things better than you found them. Always know what you are trying to accomplish with each project or assignment, but do not assume anything. Not knowing the answer to a question is not a bad thing, but giving the wrong information is. If you don’t know, ask a staff member for the correct answer. Through all of the long hours and hard work, it is important that you have fun and enjoy the team atmosphere.

TGA Championships – Representing the Association

As a championship volunteer, you will be put in front of our members on a regular basis and it is important to know how to present yourself. You are a TGA representative for the entire time you are on-site and you should conduct yourself in a positive and professional manner throughout.

Outside Events

TGA volunteers should feel free to accept invitations to be officials at outside events that are not administered by the TGA. In this case, volunteers are acting as individuals and not representatives of the TGA unless requested to do so.


The Texas Golf Association understands that being a championship volunteer is a time-consuming commitment and can require a significant amount of travel. It’s important all volunteers take time to plan out their personal volunteer schedule as to not disrupt their personal life and avoid being worn down from the demanding schedule. It is an expectation that championship volunteers will serve at state/regional championships in their home area whenever possible to fulfill their commitment to the TGA.

Staff Communication

Communication between staff members and volunteers is the key to making our operations run smoothly and consistently. If a question is asked of you by a player, club staff, etc., and you have any doubt whatsoever, please ask a TGA staff member for confirmation. Any significant Rules of Golf situation should be relayed to a TGA staff person before action is taken to ensure the situation is handled consistently with similar occurrences.


Apparel is an important part of portraying a professional appearance on-site. Championship volunteers are expected to wear apparel with the TGA/LJT logo (no other association logos should be worn). When worn, uniforms should be clean and neat (ironed) at all times. Volunteers have the opportunity to buy TGA/LJT-logoed golf shirts and outerwear directly from our supplier via a TGA micro-site. Volunteers will be given a password to gain access to discounted merchandise that is approved for championship apparel. There is also the opportunity to earn additional apparel throughout the year at different championships. For all TGA Competitions, the Official in Charge (OIC) will be responsible for designating and communicating the assigned apparel to volunteers scheduled to work that event. Men should not wear shorts while working onsite at a competition, which includes set up and practice round days.

Personal Health

The championship season can be both physically and mentally demanding, so it is important to take the necessary precautions. You often will be enduring long hours, extended travel, and exposure to the outside elements. It is important to pay attention to your diet while on-site at championships. Please keep the TGA staff aware of any health issues that you may have, so the necessary precautions and considerations can be made. Health is an important part of holding up your commitment to the team.


While on site for championships, meals are provided by the TGA. While on site, it is expected that you eat during a break or downtime. If you leave your assignment to eat, it’s important to coordinate with the rover or other staff members to make sure there are not any gaps. In most cases, you will need your volunteer credentials to charge to the TGA master account. Please remember to charge your food/beverage correctly in order to avoid later accounting issues.

Sun Exposure

As a championship volunteer you spend a lot of time exposed to weather elements. Much of the year, the biggest concern will be sun exposure and extreme heat. It is important to wear sun block, a hat and sunglasses to reduce sun exposure. Staying cool can become an ongoing battle. Staying hydrated by drinking lots of water and other liquids and taking breaks indoors are essential to fighting the summer heat.

Volunteer Categories

General Volunteers serve as hosts, marshals, starters, pace-of-play officials, scoring officials and have many other important roles at each event. It is a great opportunity to gain valuable behind-the-scenes experience in all facets of golf administration.

Referees: Provide on-course assistance to players with regards to the Rules of Golf and pace of play. Referees are appointed by the TGA based on their knowledge of the Rules of Golf and their experience in officiating. A passion for and comprehension of the Rules of Golf are a must to become a Rules Officials.

Rules Committee Members: Championship volunteers who have successfully demonstrated their willingness to serve and who meet the specified criteria are eligible for appointment to become a TGA Rules Committee Member. Members of the TGA Rules Committee are appointed on an annual basis (calendar year) and must have fulfilled all of the following requirements to be considered as a TGA Rules Committee Member: a) Attended a USGA/PGA Workshop in the last four (4) years and scored 80% or higher on the test OR attended a TGA Rules seminar and scored 80% or higher on the TGA rules test; b) attended a USGA/PGA or TGA Tournament Administration Workshop; c) Volunteered a minimum of 20 TGA tournament days initially. Rules Committee Members have the opportunity to perform special duties such as being assigned as a walking rules official or a referee in a match. Also, Rules Committee Members receive personal invitations to serve at selected events throughout the season. TGA Committee members serve a one-year term. Their attendance and performance are reviewed annually and must be approved for renewal by the TGA Championship Committee.

2020 Volunteer Training

The 2020 Volunteer Training sessions will be imperative for all volunteers to attend in order to prepare for the upcoming season. Orientations will be instructed by TGA staff members and Directors and will include classroom training as well as hands-on training in areas such as starting, scoring, pace of play, and general procedures. Cost to attend is $50 and includes lunch, 2020 TGA Handbook, Volunteer Lanyard, and TGA Apparel.

For more information, contact [email protected].

Course Rating

Course Rating Introduction: The TGA rates Member Club and Non-Member Club courses in accordance with the United States Golf Association (USGA) Course and Slope Rating System. The USGA requires that all new golf courses be rated after five years. All courses must be re-rated every 10 years. Utilizing regional teams of raters located throughout Texas, the TGA rates approximately 70 to 95 courses annually. Precise course and slope ratings are provided for each set of tees so that all golfers can enjoy the benefits of an accurate and equitable handicap system. Whether or not you are a TGA Member Club, if you are interested in having your course rated, please contact Zach Madison, Course Rating Manager at 214.468.8942 or via email at [email protected] or [email protected] for more information.

For your convenience, all information pertaining to course rating may be accessed here.

Club Liaison

In 2005, the Texas Golf Association’s Board of Directors initiated the Club Liaison Program. The purpose of the program is to bring about greater communication and coordination between the TGA and its member clubs. Working together, we believe this new program will assist in making the TGA stronger and more responsive to the needs and concerns of its members. The liaison is an intermediary, providing a conduit in which information and feedback can flow freely between the TGA and the member club. They are copied on all upcoming activities, whether it is an educational seminar or the latest news and updates from the Handicap, Course Rating or Rules and Competitions department, so they can disseminate the information throughout their club and make sure that important material is prominently displayed. The delegates also provide a wealth of information to the TGA from the club’s perspective regarding any current issues or trends it is facing.

The Role of the TGA Club Liaison:

  • Familiarize themselves with the Association’s programs.
  • Acquaint the club’s leadership with the Association’s purpose and programs.
  • Encourage club officials such as the handicap, rules and green committee chairman to attend appropriate TGA educational seminars that are held annually throughout the state.
  • Promote club awareness of various TGA programs and identify strategies for increasing overall membership understanding.
  • Encourage club members to participate in TGA competitions.Provide important feedback to the TGA about concerns or questions the club might have.

If your club does not currently have a liaison or if you would like to learn more about the program please contact the main office of the Texas Golf Association at 214.468.8942.