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Youth on Course

Youth on Course

Youth on Course - Juniors can play $5 or less Rounds of Golf (San Antonio Area)


The Texas Golf Association Foundation is launching the Youth on Course program in the San Antonio area for 2020. Youth on Course (YOC) gives juniors access to play golf for $5 or less at 8 courses in the San Antonio area, as well as more courses all over the country. To learn more about the program and to sign up if you are a junior (18 years or younger) in the San Antonio area, check out the below links.

-Become a YOC Member
-See Participating Courses in Texas
-See a list of courses around the Nation

-Visit the National YOC Website


Frequently Asked Questions 

If you have any more questions, please contact Kelly Kilgo at 214-468-8942 or email kkilgo@txga.org.

Why only the San Antonio area?
We are launching this pilot program in San Antonio for 2020 and hope to expand to other metropolitan areas in 2021. Stay tuned.

Are there any restrictions for playing?

Yes. Many courses set time restrictions for when Youth on Course members can play for $5 or less. Please check the map for restrictions and call ahead to make a tee time. You may also find a complete directory of courses in the Youth on Course Member App.

Does the junior have to pay for range balls or a cart?
Yes. Youth on Course does not cover range balls or carts, and we encourage our members to walk.

How long does my membership last?
Memberships are valid for one calendar year (until January 1).

What if I forgot my card?
A current YOC card is REQUIRED to participate in the program.
You can access a digital copy of your card in the Youth on Course Member App. You MUST show the card via the app (or a temporary card) when playing at participating facilities. 

When will I get a membership card?
You will access your membership card from the Youth on Course App.

How do I play golf for $5 or less?
After joining, use your YOC app to pull up your membership card. Bring this to the course during the designated Youth on Course times and you will play for $5 or less.

When will I get my membership number?
After you signup, you will receive an email with your number and a link to complete the online curriculum. If you already have a handicap number from another club be sure to sign up with that number to avoid being assigned a new one.



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