LJT Exemptions

Players earn their way into LJT Major and Invitational events by playing in NTPGA All-American Tour, STPGA Prestige Tour, and LJT events. Below are exemptions that are handed out at each LJT event.

  • Players earning an exemption must sign up for the tournament before the Registration Deadline for the event.
  • Exemptions available & earned from NTPGA & STPGA events can be viewed on each PGA section’s website.
  • Exemptions will be awarded to players that meet each exemption criteria, including ties.
  • Exemptions listed underneath each age division correspond to the finish at the LJT event listed in the left hand column of the same row. (i.e. Finishing in the top 3 at the Winter Classic earns a Texas Cup Invitational exemption.)