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Winners Program

The Winners’ Program, in its 11th year, is a golf and grades initiative of the TGA Foundation in partnership with the LPGA/USGA Girls Golf of Texas Chapters. The program was created in 2008 to promote achievement in golf and in the classroom. Girls are encouraged to make good grades and turn in report cards throughout the year.

The Winners’ Program also honors the late Toni Wiesner through the Wiesner’s Winners program and the Toni Wiesner Cup. These programs, conducted in conjunction with Winners’ Program, recognize the outstanding players in the LPGA/USGA Girls’ Golf sites by awarding competitive prizes at each site, and the Toni Wiesner Cup to the winning team at the annual Texas Challenge.

Texas Challenge

The Texas Challenge is conducted as part of the Winners’ Program and features statewide competition between the selected chapters of the LPGA / USGA Girls’ Golf Sites. The Texas Challenge honors the late Toni Wiesner by awarding The Toni Wiesner Cup to the winning site. Toni Wiesner was a long-time friend to the WTGA, and was a member of the USGA Junior Girls’ golf committee. Toni possessed a wonderful determination and competitive spirit and always displayed graciousness, whether in victory or defeat. These qualities make Toni the perfect example for the participants in the Winners’ Program and the Texas Challenge.

Giving Back


Through grant opportunities, the TGA is excited to give back to the LPGA / USGA Girls Programs involved in the Winners’ Program. Grant applications will be distributed in 2019. For more information, contact Kelly Kilgo at 214-468-8942, or [email protected].

Click below to view the past Texas Challenge results.

A Texas Challenge Tournament was not conducted in 2014.

2019Toni Wiesner Division: Austin
The “Babe” Division: Longview
2018Toni Wiesner Division: San Antonio
The “Babe” Division: Waco
2017Toni Wisner Division: Longview
The “Babe” Division: Houston
2013Longview & San Antonio

Site Visits & Giveaways

The purpose of site visits is to engage in fun games, contests, and golf matches. The TGA will also educate girls about golf and grade initiative programs.

San AntonioLongviewWaco
The Winners’ Program will be giving away an iPad to one participant from each location. Students with a 3.0 or “B” average are eligible to submit their report card. Report cards will be entered into a pool, and winners will be chosen at the beginning of August.

2019 iPad Giveaway Recipients

Khloe Gibbs (Longview)
Sally Shaw (San Antonio)
Faith Dietz (Austin)
Paige Gilstrap (Waco)

““The Winners Program really instilled a passion for the game that I’ve never seen anywhere else.”

Julia Gregg – former Winners Program player & 2019 signee to the University of Arkansas Golf Team