WTGA History

1989 – 1998

The following explains significant details that happen in each year.


The tournament was held at Crown Colony CC in Lufkin, and the WTGA purchased a new 3-foot x 30-foot welcome banner for $208.72. The banner read, “THE TEXAS SENIOR STROKE PLAY GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP,” and a request was made by those in charge that it be sponsored by the WTGA. The WTGA board agreed to support its efforts for two years and then review again in 1992. On November 30, 1989 the WTGA became a non-profit organization. At the Spring meeting it was voted to add “Entries are open to amateur golfers who were female at birth.” One ball rule was put into effect at State Amateur.


A Directors Procedure Notebook describing the duties for all tournament assignments and standing committees was prepared for the use of each director. Severe thunder storms took place at the tournament this year held at San Angelo C.C. The tournament schedule and format had to be adjusted. WTGA Dress Code: “Shorts and skirts of modest length or slacks may be worn. Abbreviated (tank) tops are prohibited and “spikeless” golf shoes will be allowed only with pro-shop approval. Penalty for failure to adhere to the dress code may be disqualification.”


Directors were given substantially more responsibility in Course/Slope Rating. A coordinator and two review chairmen were appointed. As of March 1, 1991, a golf course must have a Slope Rating in order for a golfer to be issued a USGA handicap. Special Hole-In-One prizes were purchased by the WTGA. They were crystal golf balls.


State Amateur entry fee increased to $110. The Senior Stroke Play Championship became a permanent part of the WTGA. A Spectator Policy was handed out at the tournament. Hole in one prize given to Florence Larch for a Hole in one on #3 at Barton Creek C.C. Course Rating Seminars were held in TX. this year, conducted by Doug Sullivan.


Much discussion about the necessity of opening the tournament to all golfers in TX (not just member clubs). A labeling machine was purchased for use by registration chairmen. All member clubs have been rated and a new directory has been compiled by Barbara Derouen.


Three new categories of membership are now allowed. Those are (1) clubs, including private, semi-private, public, military or 9-hole golf courses located with in the State of TX which are slope rated and which compute handicaps in accordance with the USGA system. (2) Individuals who have a USGA established handicap and who are not in position to belong to one of the clubs mentioned in category one. (3) Golf Leagues which are permanent organizations comprised of at least 10 individuals, dues paying members with committees appointed to organize golf activities and members who handicaps are computed in accordance with the USGA system. Also the board will now be able to set the size of the tournament field as a result of a by laws change. Annual dues for each type of membership are $30. Julie Robichaux received a hole in one prize for acing it on number 16 at Wildflower CC.


Voted that the size of the field shall be determined annually by the Board of Directors. The lowest handicap entries shall make up the field with the exception that the Board, the incoming directors, the Past President and the following year’s local general chairman who may have a higher handicap. State Amateur Championship entry fee was raised to $115. The Sunday welcoming party was hosted by the Texas Golf Hall of Fame.


Annual dues were $30. Qualified in two-somes. $1,457.67 was donated to the American Cancer Society from “The Babe.”


The Runner-up of the WTGA tournament shall be awarded a prize and receive an engraved gold disk like that of the Championship Semi-Finalists. $2,431.00 was profited from “The Babe” and donated to the American Cancer Society.


his was the first year to use the Tournament Pairing Program (TPP) at the State Amateur. This system was received via a grant by the USGA. Procedure manuals were re-written to adjust for the computer and TPP. Becky Spears, (President), suggested adding a partnership tournament to the venue. At the BOD meeting, the WTGA voted to start the WTGA Partnership, which is one of the most popular WTGA events to date. The WTGA relationship with the USGA grew closely due to the USGA continued support as well as working with Regional Directors.