Texas Senior Amateur

Westwood Golf Club
September 24-26


Eligibility: Entries are open to male amateur golfers who reside in the state of Texas age 55 or older as of the first round of tournament play, with a WHS Handicap Index of 6.4 or less. Please reference TGA Policies and Procedures for further details, including Policies and Procedures, and Terms of Competition.

Exemptions: Provided players are otherwise eligible, exemptions are given to the following:

a) Last five (5) Texas Senior Amateur Champions
2020: John Derrick
2019: Gary Durbin
2018: Lewis Stephenson
2017: Ed Brooks
2016: Lewis Stephenson

b) Top 20 (and ties) in previous year’s Senior Amateur
John Derrick (1st), Mike Lohner (2nd), Craig Hurlbert (3rd), Ed Brooks (T4), Bill Jackson (T4), Buzz Baker (T6), Don Dean (T6), Andrew Hydorn (T6), Chuck Gardner (T6), John Gilbert (10th), John Grace (11th), Jim Quinn (T12), Lewis Stephenson (T12), Jed Shreve (T12), Kyle Kelting (T15), Mike Peck (T15), Donald Oconnor (T15), Tom McGraw (T15), Scott Smith (T15), Hollis Sullivan (T15)

c) Finished in the top 20 (and ties) in current year’s Texas Amateur or current and/or previous year’s Texas Mid-Amateur

d) Any player that qualified for the final field of the current year’s U.S. Senior Open and/or U.S. Senior Amateur

TBD (41st U.S. Senior Open | July 8-11, 2021)

TBD (66th U.S. Senior Amateur | August 28 – September 2, 2021)
e) Top five (5) finishers (and ties) in current year’s West Texas Amateur

TBD (West Texas Amateur | July 16-18, 2021)

f) Top fifteen (15) finishers (and ties) in the current year’s Regional Senior Amateurs
North: Dave David (1st), John Derrick (2nd), Lelan Chiles (T3), Chris Goodspeed (T3), John Schaefer (T5), Rob Wands (T5), Wayne Wright (T7), Neal Barfield (T7), Bill Steen (T9), Joe Dulemba (T9), Rick Steeno (T11), Mike Peck (T11), Jim Quinn (T11), Kenneth Coutant (T14), Jeff Dandurand (T14), Patrick Collini (T14), Steve Love (T14), Mark Motes (T14), Michael Jones (T14)
South: David Ortego (1st), Mike Booker (2nd), John Pierce (3rd), Andrew Hydron 4th), Scott Smith (5th), Thomas Immenschuh (T6), Pat Youngs (T6), Todd McGrew (T8), Blake Ross (T8), Jed Shreve (T10), BK Cody (T10), John Dowdall (T10), Jody Clark (T13), Randy Zimmerhanzel (T13), Murt Martin (T15), Joe Sconiers (T15)

g) Low two (2) Seniors that make the cut in the current year’s Texas Amateur
TBD (112th Texas Amateur | June 17-20, 2021)

h) Previous year’s Statewide Senior Player of the Year
Mike Lohner

i) Current year Mid-Amateur Match Play winner and runner-up
TBD (Texas Mid-Amateur Match Play | July 22-25, 2021)

j) Top three (3) finishers (and ties) in the current year’s Texas Super Senior Amateur (Super Senior Division)
Wayne Wright (1st), John Grace (T2), Mike Booker (T2)

k) Three (3) Host Club exemptions

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The TGA reserves the right to select players to be in the field. For exemption request details, please view TGA Policies and Procedures. Exempt players must enter by the published deadline or they will lose their exempt status and spot in the final field.